Nintendo's holding a Direct-style showcase for indies on Switch next week

Nintendo will host a Nindies Showcase next week on March 20

Nintendo to broadcast new 'Nindies' Switch showcase March 20

Next week, we'll get a look at these titles through a Nintendo Switch Nindies Spring Showcase.

You can bookmark this page and come back to it to see what the Nindies Showcase has to offer, or head to the official Nintendo live video site to watch it there as well as YouTube. Much like Nintendo Directs, the Nindies Showcase will be a lengthy pre-recorded video in a faux-livestream format.

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If you were not completely satisfied with the latest Direct, you should know that Nintendo has more games to announce for Switch. The Nindies Showcase prior to that featured over 60 games. The showcase coincides with this year's Game Developers Conference, where Polygon expects to go hands on with some of the Nindies likely to be part of the presentation. Super Meat Boy Forever and Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition could both receive release dates. According to Castle Pixel itself, it was approached by Nintendo at PAX to port the game to Switch, and after the title's poor showing on PC resources were shifted from the company's next project straight to the port. While that may limit what will be shown, Nintendo's laxness on the definition of a Nindie means that surprises are certain to be in store.

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