Romanian court tells man he's not alive

Constantin Reliu

The walking dead: Living Romanian man fails to overturn death cert

Constantin Reliu, 63, was declared dead by his wife in 2016, after he moved to Turkey and went off the grid for almost 25 years. However, he failed to convince him despite the overwhelming evidence.

"I am a living ghost", the dead man said. Reliu had planned to renew his passport in Romania and return to Turkey, but on arrival, he was detained by immigration officers who informed him he had died in 2003. Thus, in 1999, he chose to go back to Turkey - with no thoughts of returning home again.

Constantin Reliu's wife, having heard nothing from him for years, applied successfully for a death notice in 2016.

Having been found with expired documents by Turkish authorities in January 2018, Reliu was deported back to Romania only to find out that he was legally dead. While at the customs, he did what he can to tell the officials that he is alive.

"My name is Constantin Reliu".

After the long interrogation, he was eventually allowed to leave but he faced more problems as he tried to straighten things out.

A 63-year-old Romanian man has been living a legal nightmare after a court refused to nullify his mistaken death certificate.

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Unfortunately, on March 15, the court in the city of Vaslui denied his request to cancel the certificate. The court told him he was too late, and would have to remain officially deceased.

He appealed to the Barlad court to overturn his death notice. Still, the judge did not budge and firmly stated that his appeal is useless for the court ruling is final.

The court has rejected his claim of being alive, despite Constantin being present in the court before them.

"I am officially dead, although I'm alive", he said, according to the AP.

Reliu was not even in touch with his wife.

He also now can not return to Turkey, but wants to appeal this decision.

Mr Reliu wants to file another lawsuit but has no money, and suffers from diabetes, which he says makes everything more hard.

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