Sisulu demands retraction from Australia on land redistribution comments

Angry South Africa rejects Dutton's calls to help 'persecuted' farmers

South Africa 'Offended' By Australian Minister's Plan to Take White Farmers to 'Civilized Country'

Australian Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton has reportedly asked his department to explore an expedited escape path for white South African farmers in response to rising violence against them and new legislation aiming to confiscate their land. But South African government spokesman Ndivhuwo Mabaya told the BBC that there was "no need for anyone to be scared or to fear anything". His plan to transfer ownership of white-owned land to black citizens was meant to address the apartheid-era dominance South Africa's white minority had over the country's farmland.

Mokgatlhe however reiterated that "PAC welcomed the call by Australian government to collect the land criminals who are not willing to give land back to its rightful owners to go to Australia which has been declared a haven of racists".

While the issue has hit the national headlines this week, West Australian Liberals have been agitating behind the scenes for months and past year passed a motion at the party's state council calling on the Federal Government to "resettle persecuted European minorities" in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

South Africa have initiated a process to amend the Constitution to pave way for the appropriation of the land without compensation.

Sisulu issued Australian High Commissioner to South Africa, Adam McCarthy the diplomatic démarche over the comments made by Australian Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton, that South Africans "deserved special attention" due to "horrific circumstances".

Masithela said it is concerning that politicians and various groups want to address land expropriation without compensation from a racial position.

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In a statement, Sisulu said she had noted a number of worldwide organisations and individuals commenting on the parliamentary processes in South Africa in relation to land distribution.

"We should investigate options for allowing South African farmers to enter Australia under the refugee program if they require sanctuary", he posted on Facebook.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop denied there was a double standard in Mr Dutton speaking up for white South African farmers but not Palestinian farmers persecuted by Israel.

He says if the Home Affairs Minister's special treatment of white farmers becomes official, it will be a return to the White Australia policy.

President Ramaphosa made it clear that they were "building a country where a person's prospects are determined by their own initiative and hard work, and not by the colour of their skin, place of birth, gender, language or income of their parents".

"In fact, young black males living in poor urban areas like Khayelitsha and Lange face a far greater risk of being murdered". He added that white farmers should receive fast-tracked humanitarian visas from a "civilised country" like Australia. A petition for President Donald Trump to stop "the genocide of whites in South Africa" by allowing them to emigrate to the USA has garnered over 19,000 signatures.

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