Kentucky Binge-drinking Rate among Highest in the Nation

Getty Images  Flickr RFFriends drink whiskey and beer in this stock

Getty Images Flickr RFFriends drink whiskey and beer in this stock

Extreme drinking can kill you - and claims the lives of an expected 88,000 Americans for every year, according to a first-of-its-kind study.

As stated in the CDC's news release, binge drinking can potentially result in a number of risky actions, including unsafe driving, violence against other people, and irresponsible sexual behavior.

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"The findings also show the importance of taking a comprehensive approach to preventing binge drinking, focusing on reducing both the number of times people binge drink and the amount they drink when they binge", study co-author Dr. Robert Brewer, lead researcher in CDC's alcohol program, said in a statement. Roughly 37 million adults binge drink once a week, averaging 7 drinks per binge. It is defined as five or more drinks for men, or four or more drinks for women, within two hours.

The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System is a telephone review that gathers yearly information on wellbeing and risk practices of USA grown-ups. Men consumed about 80 percent of all binge drinks, while those from lower household incomes and educational levels were more likely to binge drink than people who earn more and reached a higher educational level.

The report found that about 17 percent of USA adults, or 37 million people, reported binge drinking in 2015.

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And half of those total binge drinks were consumed by adults aged 35 or older. That is around 14 billion of those 17.5 billion beverages, and they were drinking about twice as much as women.

Naturally, people have different reactions to alcohol, as some may tolerate a couple of drinks without getting drunk while others can only handle one drink.

That includes how many days they drank, the average number of drinks consumed and the largest number of drinks they had on any one occasion.

The highest sum total number was that of 841 in Arkansas; followed by MS, at a total of 831; then Kentucky; then Hawaii, at 611.

The study showed that men were almost twice as likely as women to engage in binge drinking, and that men drank 80 percent of the drinks consumed during binge-drinking episodes. Researchers calculated Washington, D.C., had the lowest number, at 316. "But most problems, like injury, and impaired driving crashes, and so on, come from episodic heavy or binge drinking", Brown said. In the long run, bingeing can result in cancer, heart, and live diseases. He said that USA officials could increase alcohol taxes, restrict the number of days or hours in which establishments can sell alcohol, hold businesses culpable for illegally serving underage or intoxicated customer, and place limits on the number of outlets that could sell alcohol in a given location.

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