Kroger Subsidiary Fred Meyer Ending Firearm, Ammunition Sales

Assault rifles hang on the wall for sale at Blue Ridge Arsenal in Chantilly Virginia

Kroger Subsidiary Fred Meyer Ending Firearm Ammunition Sales JIM WATSON AFP Getty Images by AWR Hawkins18 Mar 20180 18 Mar 2018 18 Mar 2018

The company had already stopped selling assault-style guns several years ago, except in Alaska.

Guns and ammunition sales generated about $7 million annually for Fred Meyer, according to the company statement.

The nation's biggest supermarket chain, along with Walmart (WMT) and Dick's Sporting Goods (DKS), tightened rules on firearms at their Fred Meyer locations in response to the mass shooting at a Florida high school that killed 17 students and administrators last month.

Kroger owns 43 Fred Meyer grocery stores that sell firearms. A 20-year-old OR man filed lawsuits this month against Dick's and Walmart, claiming both discriminated against him when refusing to sell him a rifle.

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Airion Grace filed a lawsuit against Fred Meyer's parent company, Kroger, on March 9 in Washington County Circuit Court. Most recently, Fred Meyer announced they will now begin to "responsibly phase out" selling guns and ammo altogether. It was the first major chain in America to stop selling guns.

"We believe OR law is clear, and that under state law, no retailer can discriminate based on age", Grace's attorney Kristian Roggendorf said last week.

In its release Friday, the company did not give a timeline for when stores would stop selling firearms.

The company said it made the decision last week "after evaluating changing customer preferences" and also "softening consumer demand" for guns for the last several years. The company also owns 784 convenience stores in 18 states, almost 300 Fred Meyer Jewelry and Littman Jewelers stores and more than 2,000 pharmacies.

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