After Kerala professor's watermelon remarks, women launch bare-breast protest

Girls Don’t Cover Chests With Hijab But Display Them Like Melon Says Kerala Farook College Professor

Professor's sexist 'slice of melon' draws ire, opens debate

The college had witnessed clashes between students and a section of teachers during Holi celebrations. On the next day, Thiruvananthapuram-based Diya Sana posted on Facebook pictures of a topless woman holding watermelons.

The protest is similar to the Pink Chaddi campaign that was launched in response to an attack on women in a pub in Mangaluru in 2009.

The college website lists "Social Studies Education" as the assistant professor's "area of specialisation".

In shocking remarks, the Kerala professor shamed Muslim girl students of his college for and termed as the students" dressing "un-Islamic'.

She also used the #'Maaruthurakkal Samaram' (stir to bare the breasts) which soon went viral on social media.

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Reports say that a professor at Kozhikode's Farook Training College was recorded saying that women in his college do not cover their chests with hijab, instead show part of it "like a slice of red watermelon".

She further added, "Just because people may find my breasts attractive, doesn't mean they are entitled to violate me or my body". He also said that they deliberately expose their chests.

Being judgemental and moral policing has been deeply ingrained in our society so much that girls are no strangers to people making disgusting remarks on their dresses, their choice to drink, and even object to women admitting that they enjoy sex. They wear hijab in a way their chest is not covered. One of the body parts that man is highly attracted to is a woman's bosom. "They expose, you know like how we cut a slice of melon to see whether it is ripe or not", Munavvir said.

Talking about Jauhar's remarks, CA Jawahar, Principal of Farook Training College said that the speech was made 3 months ago. "We have nothing to do with it and no student has filed a complaint in this regard", he defended the teacher, saying only a portion of his speech was circulated.

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