Containerships Collide at Port of Karachi

Pakistan       by Dawood Rehman | Published

Pakistan by Dawood Rehman | Published

Over 20 containers fell into the sea after the incident.

Two berths were also damaged in the accident, but no one was hurt.

Authorities in southern port of Karachi have launched an effort to retrieve 21 containers knocked overboard after a ship moving into its berth brushed against a stationary vessel, officials said on Tuesday.

Yep, that's always the way to go.

It might have been a low-speed collision, but this footage of two cargo ships coming together in Karachi Port, Pakistan, is absolutely astonishing.

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The KPT's pilots are said to be aware of deep sea routes and they tug the ships to the port.

The terminal has suspended operations while a special operation to pull out the fallen containers from the sea is underway with the help of Pakistan Navy.

It's understood that some of the containers contained imported vehicles.

In January, it was reported that over 7,000 imported used cars are lined up at the Karachi port waiting to be picked up creating problems for port authorities to handle the cargo and the situation.

Maritime security vessels were arriving on scene to assess damage and respond to the casualty, according to local reports.

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