President Trump Is fuming over Leaks of Not Congratulating Putin

Trump explains why he congratulated Putin for election win, says other presidents lacked 'chemistry' with Russian leader

Fuming Donald Trump defends congratulatory phone call to Russia's Vladimir Putin

Trump defended his call in a series of tweets, pointing out that Obama had also congratulated Putin, during his presidency.

According to the source, the incident resurfaces his long-held belief there are individuals inside his administration - especially in the national security realm - who are actively working to undermine him.

The official White House statement on the phone call said that the two leaders discussed "the state of bilateral relations and resolved to continue dialogue about mutual national security priorities and challenges" and the importance of "denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula". National Security Advisers gave the president notes, in capital letters, the words, do not congratulate Putin.

With the federal government closed for the unseasonal spring snowstorm, the White House canceled the president's public schedule. A Monmouth University poll reported that when the "deep state" was defined to respondents (63% said they were not familiar with the term) as "a large bipartisan majority who feel that national policy is being manipulated or directed by a "Deep State" of unelected government officials", almost 3-in-4 said they believed it existed.

If Trump isn't Putin's lackey, it's past time for him to prove it.

Republicans in Washington were critical of Trump's decision to congratulate Putin, but also lined up behind the president in anger about the leak.

And Mueller has charged 13 Russians with conspiring to subvert the 2016 election and put Trump in the White House.

Trump's call of congratulations to Putin drew bruising criticism from members of his own party even before the revelation that he was advised against it. Senator John McCain said "an American president does not lead the free world by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections".

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In his tweets, Trump disparaged two former U.S presidents with no mention of Putin's or Russia's part in fostering a healthy U.S. - Russian Federation relationship. Trump was said to be "furious" about the leak.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, told CNN, "I wouldn't have a conversation with a criminal".

Also facing mounting domestic pressure over his unwillingness to confront Putin, the White House said Wednesday Trump agreed in a call with French President Emmanuel Macron "on the need to take action to hold Russian Federation accountable" over the attack.

Former CIA Dir. says Trump fears Putin. He told reporters after the call, "We'll probably be meeting in the not-too-distant future".

He said that during their hoped-for meeting the two men would likely discuss Ukraine, Syria and North Korea.

The leader of the free world ignored his briefing instructions that said in all caps not to congratulate Putin for his victory. After criticisms from both Republicans and Democrats, the POTUS defended his action, saying getting along with Russian Federation and "others" is a good thing and not a bad thing. Russian Federation has denied the accusation.

Mr Trump is under investigation by U.S. special counsel Robert Mueller on whether he or his aides colluded with Russian Federation during the 2016 presidential election that Mr Trump won.

In a tweet, filled with misspellings, he quoted lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who wrote: "I think President Trump was right when he said there never should have been a special counsel appointed because there was no probable cause for believing that there was any crime, collusion or otherwise or obstruction of justice".

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