Jeremy Corbyn grills Theresa May over lack of mental health staff

Theresa May had tried to woo Brexiteers by saying the colour of passports would change to the pre EU blue- but it has backfired now the contract ha s been moved to France

Jeremy Corbyn grills Theresa May over lack of mental health staff

The evening demonstration, where speakers included Labour MPs Ms Berger, Wes Streeting and Jonathan Mann, attracted around 1,500 people - as well as about 50 counter-protestors from the pro-Corbyn Jewish Voice for Labour group.

The rift between Jeremy Corbyn and senior Jewish leaders has deepened after they demanded he disown supporters who had "vilified" anti-Semitism protesters. He said he would meet with Jewish leaders in the coming days.

Jewish community leaders from the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council, the two main organizations, called for the Labour Party to carry out an independent audit of all outstanding cases of anti-Jewish conduct.

Mr Glasman in January described Mr Burke's tweet as an example of how antisemitic myths flourish, and expressed concern over Mr Hayes' response.

The statement also made reference to OULC's persistent issues with anti-semitism, stating that: "Our club has tried to learn from its mistakes and so must our party. Those Labour Party members and Labour-supporting blogs pushing the abuse are largely doing so in your name", they said. The bystanders however are greater in number, ' he told the Standard.

The pair, who also attended the protest, wrote to Jeremy Corbyn to highlight the "torrent of the abuse" they have received.

"They need to hear you say, publicly and in your own voice, that we had every right to protest about anti-Semitism, and that Labour MPs had every right to support us; that our concerns about antisemitism are honest and not a "smear" as has been widely alleged (including on your own Facebook page); and that anyone directing abuse, intimidation or threats at those of us who oppose anti-Semitism is damaging your efforts to eliminate it and to start rebuilding trust".

He criticised the Tory government for an "overuse of agency staff" in the health service, quoting the NHS Ombudsman as saying that there are not enough "skilled and qualified staff" specialising in mental health support.

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"I am committed to eliminating anti-semitism wherever it exists".

In a statement to TCS, CUCA said: "The Association is deeply disturbed by the worrying precedent being set within the Labour Party".

British Jews are reacting to the latest incident of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party.

In 2016, former London mayor Ken Livingstone was suspended from the party after he said Adolf Hitler had been a supporter of Zionism in the 1930s.

To this, Mr Streeting replied: "Since when has fighting racism been "neoliberal".

"If we fail to respond robustly to hatred and bigotry we betray our fundamental Labour values of solidarity, tolerance and respect".

Another critic said: "I'm depressed Labour can't deal with this issue of antisemitism without imploding". It is understood that Labour decided not to investigate Shemtob's complaint, as it had decided Corbyn's post did not breach the party's rules. "Perpetrators and bystanders are the problem, not those of us calling it out".

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