Massachusetts Board of Education Votes against Arming Teachers

Election 2018 — Board of Education District 4

Adrianne McCollar

Educator's Compensation Working Group: Brumley wants to create a review team to study pay for Jefferson Parish school employees as it compares to neighboring districts and create a plan to address the findings. The action comes about a week after the Ohio Auditor informed the board some of its decisions violated open meeting laws.

Members of the school board declined to comment and Deters said as legal counsel he has asked them to refrain from speaking about the results of an investigation launched in February at the same time Orr was ordered by the board to go on paid leave. "We are going to take the funds that are intended for all students and give more of it to some students, and we are giving it to the schools that have less students underperforming".

Beginning in the next school year, students in a Colorado district may only be attending class four days a week instead of five.

A Pennsylvania superintendent is facing criticism after telling lawmakers that students in his school district will be armed with rocks in case of a school shooting.

She said areas of concern is aid for special education, and the impact on capital project "financing". When he wasn't, Metzger says people were very upset.

Sumter School District's interim superintendent is withdrawing for now one part of her draft consolidation proposal after obtaining information on extensive work necessary to upgrade one district middle school to accommodate elementary school students.

Pulse gunman targeted Disney for shooting spree, prosecution claims at widow's trial
Last week, surveillance video was released showing Mateen and his family visiting Disney and various spots around Orlando. By 2:37, survivors can be seen climbing out of the building, as law enforcement continues to enter the club.

She said the state's new school funding system is not as equitable as legislators have said, and the Grand Coulee Dam School District will have to find ways to adjust. The board's budget subcommittee will hear the potential reductions Tuesday with the entire board voting on the reductions April 23.

Kilburn said Cuomo's education proposals "tend to have more weight" with the Senate and Assembly when it gets close to time to adopt the state budget.

While Hollow said the Board had the option to choose anywhere from 5-10 applicants to interview, he said the Board really wanted to meet these eight candidates.

He also thinks metal detectors should be installed at the schools as another measure to prevent guns and weapons from making it to classrooms.

Meeting attendees continued to talk about how to increase school safety and raised the topic of focusing on mental health.

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