Doom Patch Adds 4K Support for PS4 Pro, Xbox One X Tomorrow


Bethesda said that the 4K version of DOOM is set to go live on the 29th of March

While the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X are both capable of running DOOM in 4K, the latter is considered to be the most powerful console ever made available to the public.

Bethesda said that the 4K version of DOOM is set to go live on the 29th of March. However, id Software is delivering an update to owners of the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro that will unlock the full processing potential of the consoles. This does not knock out the Nintendo Switch version of the game and it makes a good job of making the game look like solid on a glorified tablet. It remains to be seen if this will be possible in 4K, and Bethesda hasn't commented on this.

White Sox belt six opening-day homers, crush Royals 14-7
All predictions and potential scenarios aside, the Chicago White Sox have built an exciting, young and fun roster. Yoan Moncada's double later in the inning gave the White Sox the lead.

It has been a while since the launch of Microsoft's Xbox One X and since then many developers have announced Xbox One X support for their games and now Ubiosft has confirmed Xbox One X update for The Division. All the enemies of Hell will still come at you non-stop, but now they are more detailed and horrific with the Xbox One X Enhanced update. PS4 Pro saw the resolutions top out at 1440p, while Xbox One X would sometimes hit the 4K resolution mark. The 4K upgrade will not bring anything special for the players playing on the OG versions on consoles.

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