Overwatch Uprising Teaser Hints at New Event Name

Overwatch подбирается к очередному событию

Last year developers offered to survive the uprising Omnicom in the UK

For Overwatch fans, Christmas has just come really, really early.

Expect to hear more about Overwatch Uprising in the next week as Blizzard teases new skins and items. Given that the history of Overwatch plays such a significant role in what's happening in the current year, exploring past events through in-game action seems like a fun opportunity. We'll have to wait for the official word from Blizzard for confirmation, which should be shortly considering the event starts in a little over a week. Below you'll see the announcement made by the game's twitter, along with a few hints on what could await fans next month.

Ravencaller seems like an interesting minion that has the potential to give you some pretty powerful one drops, but it also could give you some pretty terrible ones that render the card ineffective. You'll be excused if you missed it, but pausing at 0:13 will reveal a rather telling glitch about when this event may take place.

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So what is this new, mysterious event? The company posted a brief video stating an archive declassification will unlock mission files on April 10, 2018.

Most importantly, we wonder what new cosmetics Blizzard will give us during this new event. The event also brought special Blackwatch skins for Genji and McCree, so expect Moria to possibly get one as well to match her comrades.

The Overwatch community is already speculating on what this event is going to contain, which parts of the Overwatch lore will be included and which characters will be playable during this event.

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