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India coach claims needles in Games village 'used to treat sick boxer'

The Commonwealth Games Federation has launched an investigation after injection needles were discovered at the Gold Coast athletes' village.

Under the 2018 Commonwealth Games doping standard, a "no-needle" policy applies to athletes for the entire Games period.

An unnamed Commonwealth Games Association has been summoned to appear before the Commonwealth Games Federation's Federation Court on Tuesday over a breach of its no-needles policy.

The allegation continued to be a cause of embarrassment for the Indian contingent on Monday even as they were officially welcomed by the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games organising committee at a function at the Games Village in the evening.

"The CGF medical commission will be progressing discussions with the concerned CGA and their medical staff regarding a possible breach".

He said, 'The doctors of the Indian team had given syringe to the Medical Commission, who destroyed them.

Indian team officials were also warned about the use of needles and their correct disposal after syringes were found where their wrestlers and a para-athlete was staying in Glasgow.

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However, an Indian official claimed that it was they who handed the syringes to the CGF medical commission. After this, all 12 boxers, including eight men and four women, have been tested for the dope.

"I'm confident that our boxers (have) not taken anything", Mr Nieva told the Seven Network.

For the games, medical practitioners or athletes with a condition requiring auto-injecting such as diabetes need prior approval to take needles into the village.

The revelation comes less than a week after the CGF announced a revamped anti-doping partnership with ASADA and the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation.

The storage will mean samples can be re-tested at a later date and if an athlete is found to have used a banned substance they could be stripped of medals, as has happened to Olympic athletes.

"However, I think the most important thing from the Games point of view is to make certain that the appropriate processes are followed and if there's a penalty that needs to be applied, that it's applied", he said.

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