President Trump signs Wagner's sex trafficking bill into law

Trump Signs Law Aimed at Curbing Online Sex Trafficking

Trump signs online trafficking bill

The law is meant to make it easier for state prosecutors and sex-trafficking victims to sue social media networks, advertisers and others that kept exploitative material on their platforms. "The enactment of this bill into law is an important step forward as Sen". This narrowly-crafted legislation offers three reforms to help sex trafficking victims.

"We are so excited and this is landmark legislation that is truly going to save lives, and it already is", Wagner said.

The signing of this bill changes that by targeting sex traffickers and bringing them to justice. "Hopefully there won't be any more people who have to endure that pain".

The bipartisan Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act would clarify Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to ensure that websites that knowingly facilitate sex trafficking can be held liable so that victims can get justice.

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Allows a defendant to assert, as an affirmative defense, that the promotion or facilitation of prostitution is legal in the jurisdiction where it was targeted.

Provides that the amendments apply regardless of whether alleged conduct occurs before, on, or after this bill's enactment. Currently, it a crime to knowingly benefit from participation in a venture that engages in sex trafficking. Prosecutors have charged the site's co-founders and several others with sex trafficking charges.

Requires the Government Accountability Office report to Congress on information related to damages and mandatory restitution for aggravated offenses under this bill. Mimi Walters, and MI attorney general Bill Schuette. The bill gives more powers to federal law enforcement officers to prosecute promoters or facilitators of prostitution on the Internet.

Brown has also introduced the Protecting Rights of Those Exploited by Coercive Trafficking (PROTECT) Act, legislation that would specifically address the use of drugs to facilitate human trafficking and protect vulnerable victims of trafficking.

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