PUBG Has Tweaked Blue Zone Speed In New Update



In War Mode players will be grouped into a 10-player team and then must parachute into the safe zone.

In-game clothing spawns have been removed from all maps.

On Miramar specifically, players can now see the first Safe Zone while flying in the airplane.

You either just play PUBG for an hour... or you enter a complex code displayed plainly on the screen to get your files decrypted and returned to your desktop like normal.

As a result, the developers over at PUBG Corp. are constantly working on their game in an attempt to regain their spot on top of the heap.

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If you are a team leader, you can now kick your team members. Who wants to loot for trousers when you can get a cool gun or ammo instead? Again, all of that should make for more fevered climactic battles.

With the changes in PUBG 1.0 update 10, the blue zone will begin shrinking earlier in the match, and the time between each phase has been reduced. There are some obvious safeguards in place to ensure the classic PUBG sensations still persist, but there may be fewer folks hiding in a house for the duration of an entire match.

Elsewhere, PUBG update 10 tinkers around with the Miramar map, specifically the northern part of the battleground, in order to 'make it more appealing.' As such, travel has been facilitated by the addition of more roads, off-road paths, and vehicle spawning locations, while the Oasis is now found in the north area and a new village has set up shop in the northwest.

Right now, the development team are trying to iron out the major issues before launching it on the live PUBG servers.

Players are also started with random loadouts. The above changes are exclusive to PC for now. We know that. But ads help us pay the bills.

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