Stand back: hand dryers may be blowing bacteria your way

Restroom Hand Dryers Suck Up Feces Particles and Spray Them All Over Your Hands

Stand back: hand dryers may be blowing bacteria your way

In fact, the company marketed their Airblade hand dryers as reducing the potential risk for electric hand dryers to disperse fecal matter. Unfortunately, the researchers at the University of CT found even air dyers with HEPA filters collected human waste bacteria.

Into a hand dryer and onto your clean hands, perhaps.

The findings: Air-blasted plates carried 18-60 colonies of bacteria on average, whereas two minutes' exposure to the mere bathroom air left fewer than one colony on average. How many bacteria in the apparatus that the researchers suggest to wipe his hands with a towel, reports the with reference to the news of Yu. What's more, the inside of the dryer nozzles themselves had "minimal bacterial levels". However, when the team retrofitted some of their dryers with HEPA filters, they only blocked about 75 percent of bacteria. The study by researchers at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine appeared in the latest issue of the journal Applied And Environmental Microbiology.

This sends faecal particles into the air, where they linger until you turn on the hand dryer.

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These bacteria came from bathroom air, and it included some that can cause disease.

The scientists also explored the effectiveness of using high-efficiency particulate air filters with the hand dryers. They showed growth of just one or less bacterial colony.

Research has shown that putting the toilet lid down before flushing will reduce airborne bacteria but, in public bathrooms, you can not guarantee that this is always being done, so it is desirable to avoid spreading it further. But this study showed that adding the filters did not help.

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