Explosions rocked Syria's capital. What's next for US, Iran and Russian Federation?

President Donald Trump spoke to the nation late

Explosions rocked Syria's capital. What's next for US, Iran and Russian Federation?

With Trump sticking to the warpath, a clash seems inevitable as Moscow has blocked all diplomatic efforts at the United Nations and French President Emmanuel Macron says he has proof Syria used chemical weapons against its own people. But we stand on the right side of this conflict.

Macron said France has proof that the Syrian government launched chlorine gas attacks and said France would not tolerate "regimes that think everything is permitted". On Thursday, Trump tweeted that an attack "could be very soon or not so soon at all!"

An attack on them could raise the risk of a wider war in Syria at a time when Trump still wants to withdraw 2,000 US troops there in a matter of months. Its official Sana news agency scoffed at the reports that chemical weapons had been used in Douma, citing an unidentified official who said government forces advancing on the town didn't "need to use any chemical weapons as the media channels that support the terrorists are fabricating".

Russian Federation has dismissed the purported chemical attack as fake and strongly warned the USA and its allies against launching a military strike in Syria.

On Friday, before Trump's announcement, Russia's government news site Tass reported that the Russian Navy was monitoring USA and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ships in the eastern Mediterranean.

In a statement Mrs May said that the Syrian regime had demonstrated a "persistent pattern of behaviour" when it came to the use of chemical weapons, that "must be stopped". "But beyond simply destroying hardware, he'll want to get deep inside the head of Assad and his Russian and Iranian backers".

President Donald Trump is analyzing all the information and taking measures to avoid any unwanted repercussions, she said. But the USA administration is giving alarmingly contradictory signals. "We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences", Antonov said. He said that the families of the victims frightened and threw water at each other, given the false alarm on the alleged chemical attack.

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The assessment about the nature of this April's chemical attack and its likely origin with the Assad regime will be presented to the president, said an official familiar with the intelligence.

Nevertheless, some national security aides took Pence's unexpected appearance as an indication that he feels a needs to provide a steadying influence as Bolton takes the helm and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has been marginalized to some extent.

Volunteer first responders and activists claimed a chemical attack by the Syrian government killed over 40 people in the town of Douma, which drew worldwide outrage and prompted Washington and its allies to consider a military response.

Trump said last Saturday, Assad deployed chemical weapons in what was a "significant escalation in a pattern of chemical weapons use by that very bad regime".

In the UK, Cabinet ministers have agreed the use of chemical weapons in Douma must not "go unchallenged".

Trump spoke Thursday with British Prime Minister Theresa May, and the White House said afterward they continued their discussion the need for a joint response. It was not clear whether the presence of the investigators could affect the timing of any United States military action.

Mr Corbyn insisted that MPs were entitled to a vote, saying Parliament "must be consulted".

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