Feeling adventurous? Tarantula burger creeps onto North Carolina menu

Zebra Tarantula Burger

Do you dare? Bull City offers 'tarantula burger' for Exotic Meat Month

But these may not be for everyone. They're celebrating "Exotic Meat Month" (their creation by the way) by offering a tarantula burger.

If you're looking to waste your money while being adventurous a restaurant in Durham, North Carolina is now serving a burger with a giant, hairy tarantula on top of it.

The exotic meats range from some that aren't that out-of-the-ordinary, like turkey and venison, to some you'd have trouble finding in other restaurants, like camel and python.

If you can finish the burger, you win a "Tarantula Challenge" t-shirt and your picture will be featured on social media.

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Since a limited 18 zebra tarantulas are available for customers to try, interested guests are required to come to the restaurant to sign up for the "Tarantula Raffle". It's topped with an oven-roasted tarantula.

Some people prefer to eat the tarantula first, while some take it all in at once.

Bull City points out numerous Exotic Meat Month menu items are eaten by people of other cultures on a daily basis.

Bull City Burger in Durham, NC is known for their tasty burgers.

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