Cynthia Nixon adds $4.20 donation button (for weeeeed.)

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Fired police officers in Argentina say hungry mice ate half a ton of missing marijuana

The WFP's small pro-Cuomo faction tried and failed to both delay the nod for a month and keep the party's ballot line blank, but eventually the committee overwhelmingly voted 91.5 percent to back the "Sex and the City" star and activist.

As Nixon points out in her video on the subject, there are plenty of reasons to legalize marijuana, and there have already been successful campaigns all around the country to do just that on a sub-federal level.

Nixon is running to unseat New York's current governor, Andrew Cuomo, who recently proposed a study to find out the impact of legalizing marijuana in the state.

Actress-turned-politician Cynthia Nixon has garnered a big endorsement as she seeks the democratic nomination for governor of NY.

Nixon is challenging Cuomo in the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

Many progressives and liberals are unsatisfied with Cuomo's reign as governor, who's seen as a more moderate Democrat, which is what spurred Nixon to run for the nomination.

Knowledge, research celebrated at San Diego March for Science
Scientists, academicians and professors were among the participants in the " March for Science " to promote scientific temper. Among the Split marchers for science were leaders of the Pametno party and the local Social Democratic Party branch.

New York's Democratic Primary is in September.

The two Cuomo-friendly unions - SEIU Local 32 BJ and Communications Workers of American Local 1 - pulled out of the WFP Friday because they said the party's leadership strayed from its original mission.

Cuomo's backers denied he threatened members of the party, and several major unions dropped out of the party on Friday.

The party describes itself as the state's progressive political party. "We can build a movement that can win, but only if we all come together".

With the Working Families Party by our side, we will fight for equitable schools, good jobs, single-payer health care, subways that actually work, environmental justice, and an end to mass incarceration.

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