US, Russia clash over Syria at UN

US, Russia trade angry charges at UN over suspected poison gas attack in Syria

US wants UN vote Tuesday on Syria gas attack inquiry

Rival U.S. and Russian resolutions to seek out out responsibility for chemical weapons assaults in Syria suffered defeats on the United Nations on Tuesday, a finish outcome that the Russian ambassador talked about the Trump administration wished so it'd most likely "justify the utilization of energy in opposition to Syria".

Russian UN envoy, Vasily Nebenzya, earlier said that Moscow planned to convoke a UN Security Council meeting with the participation of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to discuss the situation in Syria and USA threats against the Damascus government.

Yesterday's meeting marked the 12th time Russian Federation has used its veto to block Council action on Syria.

Yildirim's comments came hours after U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted that the U.S. will be launching missiles at targets in Syria in response to the suspected chemical attack in a rebel-held area that killed at least 40 people.

US Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley said after the vote that month after month, the Assad regime, with full support of Russian Federation and Iran, has strung along this Council.

The vote was 12 in favor, with Bolivia joining Russian Federation in voting "no" and China abstaining.

If Russia had no involvement in a deadly chemical weapons attack in Syria this week its got nothing to hide from an independent investigation, Labor's foreign affairs spokeswoman says.

Last Saturday a chemical attack was reported to have taken place in Douma, where the rebel group Jaish al-Islam controls territory. Bolivia voted against the draft resolution, while China abstained.

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The rival resolutions that paralysed the Security Council had small differences that Russian Federation and the West hoped to score points with rather than act on Syria.

The visit that RIA Novosti and Tass reported on Wednesday comes amid growing expectation of US retaliation against Syria for a suspected chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town.

Earlier the president's new national security adviser, John Bolton, urged President Donald Trump to skip his trip to South America this week because of the ongoing crisis in Syria.

A senior Russian lawmaker says Russia will engage its warships in the Mediterranean Sea to protect Russian assets in Syria from a possible US strike.

Syria's government and Russian Federation have denied any type of chemical attack took place in Douma, but rescuers and medics said that many a dozens of people, which includes many women and children, were killed. "Whenever we propose anything meaningful on Syria, Russia vetoes it".

The OPCW has said the team of experts will deploy to Syria shortly.

"I merely hope that we do not have in mind this the tip within the case of constructing sure that the data are established ant that there is a true accountability and no additional impunity for the horrendous use of chemical weapons in Syria and elsewhere", Skoog talked about.

"They're the gold standard in collecting this type of information (about chemical weapons use), and we would certainly rely upon them, as we have in other instances, to take a look at that", she said.

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