USA strikes cripple Syria's chemical weapons ability: Pentagon

Condemnation Theresa May

Condemnation Theresa May

Haley also accused Russian Federation of defending Syrian President Bashar Assad and failing to ensure that the war-torn country's cache of poison gas was destroyed. One of those tweets read.

The strikes "successfully hit every target", Ms White told reporters at the Pentagon. Civilians flashed the victory sign with their hands as they passed the camera.

The report says Syria's air defences confronted the missiles near Homs, and says the airstrikes also targeted an army depot there. "These attacks won't do anything to change that calculation".

"The most effective way for the Assad government to respond is by targeting USA partner forces, especially the Syrian Democratic Forces", Heras said. A few days later, planes were again taking off from the base.

A United States strike a year ago when 59 missiles were fired in response to the use of poison gas on civilians failed to deter him. "We had high hopes", said Hussam, 40, who opposes the regime. He didn't want to give his last name, fearing reprisal from the government. "We thought the response would have been bigger".

President Donald Trump on Saturday declared "Mission Accomplished" after ordering a military strike on suspected chemical weapons targets in Syria Friday night, provoking strong protests by Syrian leaders, Iran and Russian Federation.

Those places were targeted because the USA believes they are responsible for helping create the Syrian regime's chemical weapons program.

"The Security Council has failed in its duty to hold those who use chemical weapons to account", Haley said at a meeting of the U.N. Security Council that was called by Russian Federation over Friday night's strikes.

Turkey, a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member with forces in northern Syria fighting Kurdish militants, welcomed the strikes and described them as a proper action against the Assad regime.

The attacks on Saturday came in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack in the former rebel stronghold of Douma last weekend. However, it has been used repeatedly in Syria with little more than condemnation from the worldwide community.

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The Pentagon repeated Saturday that the President has the authority under the Constitution to defend USA interests, but what happens next is up to the Assad regime and Russian Federation.

He added that the USA had no option but to orchestrate such an "ineffective" attack, which he noted would fail to have any impact on the fight against terrorism in Syria.

Demonstrators took to the streets of the capital against the strikes, hoisting Syrian flags and pictures of President Assad. Looking around our very troubled world, Americans have no illusions.

A small girl sung a patriotic song while she held the Syrian flag.

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We also need to revisit once again the idea of creating safe havens for Syrians and no-fly zones to protect them.

For many in Syrian opposition, and for those who suffered the chemical attack one week earlier, the strikes were welcomed, but not enough.

Theresa May is facing a furious backlash from MPs after she ordered United Kingdom forces to join the USA and France in targeted airstrikes on Syrian chemical weapons facilities early - without having gained the consent of parliament.

Criticizing the United States and its allies for launching the missile strikes despite absence of any proven evidence regarding the use of chemical weapons by Syrian government, Iran's Foreign Ministry said America and its allies will assume responsibility for the regional and trans-regional consequences of this adventurism.

"We have to be very concerned about retaliation against our troops", said Pape.

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