Hawkins recovering from marathon collapse but staying in hospital overnight

Callum Hawkins collapses again and cannot continue

Camera Icon Callum Hawkins collapses again and cannot

Team Scotland is pleased to confirm that Callum Hawkins continues to make a good recovery from the heat exhaustion and subsequent collapse he experienced during the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Marathon today.

Australia's Michael Shelley would overtake the Scot to win the race in 2hr, 16m 46s. Certainly, there's no reason why there would be deliberate (medical) delays, and our thoughts are with the athlete.

He was taken to hospital where Team Scotland shares that he underwent standard tests.

They were under the impression that medical support was on its way, as well the race's rules that would have seen Hawkins disqualified if a member of the public aided him.

At no stage is medical assistance visible on the television coverage when Hawkins collapses for the first time, or at any stage before he collapses again.

"Mr Peters said he was seeking more facts on the incident but 'you can't have medical people on every kilometre of the road. they (medical staff) are professionally positioned".

Team Scotland has also reported that Callum was sitting up and speaking with his dad and their team's medical staff.

But the Scotland team issued a positive update on the runner on Twitter.

Temperatures have been talked about to be spherical 28 ranges Celsius all through the race, held throughout the Gold Coast, south of Brisbane.

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It was the second heartbreaking collapse of the men's marathon, after a Namibian athlete was forced to pull out earlier in the event.

"I was moreover concerned in regards to the conduct of a small number of bystanders who chosen to take photos".

Many are outraged that it took so long for official medical help to arrive and that the spectators didn't help (one even pushed him back onto the course and others simply stood there and took pictures of a collapsed Hawkins), but it could be that many were anxious that if they did help, Hawkins would be DQ'd. He added: "This is not in keeping with the spirit of GC2018". When I was coming down the home straight I tried to accelerate but I was just gone. "Medics were shockingly slow to get there and then to act when they did. I live here and train here all the time".

"I came here for a gold, I settled for silver, but I've promised the world I will be the best in the world", said Smith.

"So to see someone like that, who I respect so much just lying there, it was bad".

Going into the final quarter of the race Hawkins, who finished fourth in the World Championships a year ago, was looking set to claim his first major medal.

Hawkins was not the only athlete to suffer in the conditions - Tanzania's Stephano Huche Gwandu was put in a wheelchair after falling as he crossed the finish line.

Fellow Tanzanian Saidi Juma Makula collapsed close to the finish line before being helped into an ambulance - one of seven of the 24 starters who failed to complete the race.

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