Tax deadline pushed to April 17th to honor federal holiday

You may be able to get your tax return done for free. Check it out

You may be able to get your tax return done for free. Check it out

Tax Day is usually on April 15.

Filing for an extension does not extend your tax liability payment.

April 15th is normally the final day to have taxes filed across the country, but because the 15th falls on a Sunday and the following Monday is Emancipation Day, you have a couple more days to get your taxes filed before the deadline. They then call the victim to say the refund was deposited in error and give information to forward the money to their collection agency.

The recent tax law changes in 2018 have also changed the tax withholding tables, so taxpayers should use this IRS-provided calculator to get a better estimate of how much tax should be withheld to reduce their yearly refund and increase their paychecks.

Here's how Americans are planning to use their refund windfalls-and how they can access their typical tax refunds throughout the year rather than waiting for tax time to get them. Still, he said, even if a person can not pay everything he or she owes, it's better to file it that day than not file it at all. As of April 6, just more than 103 million had been filed. Some of the most common mistakes taxpayers make when rushing to meet the deadline include putting down an incorrect Social Security number for a child or spouse, or forgetting to simply sign a paper return.

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Tax experts say you should not avoid filing your taxes is because you don't have the money to pay.

You can submit the form electronically through the IRS website before midnight on April 17.

However, if you can't find a way to pay - file anyway. While 36% of respondents overall selected this answer, more women planned to pay off debt (40%) than men (33%).

On Tuesday, the IRS alerted consumers to a new email tax scam. Some are income basic but it's only a little bit throughout the year, so I think it's good that everybody looks forward to that refund.

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