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As Negan gasps and starts to bleed out, Rick addresses The Saviors, telling them that this war is finally over before calling for Siddiq to come and patch up Negan. When Negan gave the order to fire, all the guns backfired, either killing or injuring most of the Saviors. And compared to Carl's untimely death midway through what's been a problematic season, the idea that the show would kill off a character many viewers are growing exhausted of, Negan's death made some handsome sense - but not for long. But if you, like Maggie, wanted him dead, you're not going to be happy.

But then his rage got the better of him, as Rick slashed open Negan's throat with a shard of broken glass.

Negan took Father Gabriel along his way to the final battle, and while there he made it clear what his ultimate plan was: Pretty much to kill every single one of them. Here's what you need to know.

Despite the departure of Morgan to join "Fear the Walking Dead", the show must do relatively little reloading, a challenge it has regularly faced (and one of the things that has kept the narrative fresh), sometimes with uneven results. And fans that have really enjoyed seeing Negan were concerned that he might die too. Jesus then offers Morgan a suggestion of using the boring end of his staff on the living so as not to kill them.

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But then Rick, thinking of Carl, made a decision to save Negan's life - and Maggie lost her s-t. When are we going to get answers about that helicopter, or the ultra mod living space she was in?

He's last seen talking to Jadis - or should we call her Anne now? - at the junkyard, convincing her to go to Hilltop and work with Rick. That technically might not be a problem, since the potential timeline jump could change things up so that Maggie isn't seen as often. I hope that the people who have been watching that show still see what they love in the show, which I think are the characters.

The Walking Dead concluded its eighth season tonight and Fear the Walking Dead returned for its fourth season; the sister series will continue to air Sunday nights on AMC. But Rick and Michonne, Rick was wrong to do what he did. But what happens in the season 8 finale was much more anticlimactic. The biggest moment, of course, being Rick Grimes sparing Negan's life and taking him as a prisoner to rot for the rest of his life. Instead Rick and Michonne concocted a plan to let Negan rot in a cell as "evidence that we're making a civilization". This leaner approach allows the series to feel nimble and unpredictable where The Walking Dead can be bloated and lumbering-especially in recent seasons. And I think we bring that out in each other, and certainly the last fight, we kind of kicked the s- out of each other. Comics Negan does indeed rot in jail for about two years, but when the new villains are introduced-the Whisperers, a ruthless gang who wear zombie skin and wander among the walkers-Negan ends up actually working alongside Rick to defeat them. "We're going to bide our time, wait for our moment and then we're going to show him", Maggie tells Jesus and Daryl. Negan eventually found him and what we had in the end here was the foundation for a battle of the ages ... and one that ended very differently than anyone probably expected.

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