WhatsApp on Android Now Allows Users to Download Deleted Media

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If you're among the users who were annoyed by the faulty timestamps, you can download the latest WhatsApp beta version on your device by visiting Google Play.

WhatsApp will be saving these media files in their servers for a much longer time. This feature rolled out incrementally to all users, Whatsapp is adding more features, functionality to Whatsapp payments with new updates. If a user ended up deleting the content from the WhatsApp folder after downloading, there was no option to go back to the conversation and redownload the content after the expiration of the validity. Earlier, the company would let the recipient of the media file to download it within a period of 30 days, after which it was deleted from the company's server and hence couldn't be recovered unless the sender releases it again. However, the feature only works for content that has been received in the past few months provided the user has only deleted the file and not the chat in the app.

But now WhatsApp is testing a new feature on its beta app for Android that will let you re-download deleted photos, videos, GIFs, voice messages, documents.

The new update will let the user download the image or video even after it has been downloaded earlier. The report added that the feature does not seem to allow to download media files that are too old, instead, asking us to send a request to the sender to send the media again. If not, you can update the app to receive the new feature. For instance, Yesterday became "89ESTERDAY" and Today became "84ODAY".

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It underlines the fact that the platform continues to store our media on their servers.


The company keeps on improving its features to sever users as good as they can. The bug was changing the first alphabets of the timestamps with ASCII codes.

To be clear, only those messages that are still in your chat log will be downloadable again.

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