Fun First Trailer for Action Film 'Hotel Artemis' Featuring Jodie Foster

Jodie Forster returns to the big screen to star in a new high-octane action-thriller about a hospital that only caters to criminals in Hotel Artemis

Hotel Artemis Trailer Check Into Jodie Foster's Hospital for CriminalsB. Alan Orange

In the trailer, we're introduced to the underground world of criminals that seek refuge at the Hotel Artemis.

Jodie Foster stars as the hospital's owner, backed up by Dave Bautista as a nurse, and Sofia Boutella as... some kind of glamorous hospital assassin? Last! Job! But a bank heist goes awry and Brown's character is forced to make a call to the Hotel Artemis, which opens its doors for Brown's wounded brother (Atlanta breakout Brian Tyree Henry). Sound familiar? Perhaps the first Hotel Artemis trailer will ring a few bells. Boasting a star-studded cast, it's a sci-fi/action thriller about a secret hospital for hardened criminals.

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Written and directed by Drew Pearce-the screenwriter who helped write Iron Man 3 and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Hotel Artemis feels like a throwback to the Die Hard/Lethal Weapon school of action movies, where all you need is one solid, weird idea and buckets of charisma and you've got a victor. Hotel Artemis follows Foster's enigmatic healer, known in the criminal underworld as the Nurse. Fans will get to see Sterling K. brown in an unusually sinister role and we're guessing he's ready to break some of the hospital rules that include everything from "don't kill anyone" to "no outside food or drink allowed". This is similar to the hotel from the John Wick movies, but clearly much more about patching up and healing people than providing them with more services. Watch the trailer below.

Global Road Entertainment's set a June 8, 2018 theatrical release date.

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