BMW M2 Competition With Better Specifications

BMW M2 Competition revealed, gets S55 M3/M4 twin-turbo engine

2019 BMW M2 Competition arrives with 405 horsepower

As a result, an M2 Competition with a manual gearbox - yes, it keeps one of those - will hit 62mph in 4.4 seconds, with the optional dual-clutch taking a couple of tenths from that.

Standard equipment includes a reversing camera, LED headlights, front and rear parking sensors and BMW's iDrive system. With the DCT the M2 Competition can reach 60 miles per hour in 4.0 seconds, while the manual is a tad slower at 4.2 seconds.

This model also comes with a revised chassis setup and optional upgraded braking system which were fitted to make it much sharper with its handling, while carbon-fibre reinforced struts were installed in the engine bay for additional rigidity. Fear not, anoraks, as BMW M has listened to your cries of despair with the M2 Competition, which goes above and beyond the usual Competition Package tweaks.

The cooling system from the M4 Competition has also been lifted and squeezed into the M2 to ensure that long stints of hard driving doesn't overheat the auto. Top speed for both versions is electronically limited to 155 miles per hour. The latter is also the goal of the Competition's double-arm door mirrors, which also pay homage to celebrated BMW M models of the past.

Under the bonnet, the M2 Competition has even more sibling similarities with the M3 and M4 including a 1.5kg carbonfibre strut brace for a stiffer and more responsive front end, complemented by uprated ball joints and all forged aluminium suspension.

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In terms of electronics, the M2 features a recalibrated stability control systems, power steering and the electronic locking differential for the competition. The modes can be controlled by switches on the centre console or buttons on the steering wheel.

BMW has officially revealed the new M2 Competition just over a week after details of the new 2 Series performance flagship were accidentally leaked on BMW Australia's website. The M DCT has the same throttle blip tech. As expected it features an S55-based twin-turbo inline six borrowed from the M3 and M4, making it the most powerful M2 variant yet. The standard 6-speed manual transmission has rev match technology for smoother gear changes.

The 2019 M2 Competition also gets new M Sport seats with a bucket-style shape that borrows heavily from motorsport and provides drivers with optimized support, while the headrests are integrated into the seat back rest. The M Sport brakes are optional with a special grey paint. They are covered in black leather with perforations in seat and backrests available in blue or orange colors.

The M2 Competition Pack will have configurable driver modes and, as on the M3 and M4, owners will be able to set up shortcuts to these settings via "M1" and "M2" buttons on the steering wheel.

BMW says the auto will hit dealers this summer with pricing announced closer to launch.

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