Microsoft protects Google Chrome users with Windows Defender extension

Chrome 66 launched

Get into the bin, auto-playing vids and Symantec certs!

Should you try to visit one of these sites, you'll be warned about the potential dangers.

Chrome 66 is available right away, so go grab it by visiting the About Chrome page, which will automatically start the download. In Chrome 64, which was released earlier this year, the search giant allowed users to mute some of the sites. These warnings are created to encourage users to remove the offending application, with later Chrome updates going further. Also Chrome 66 (66.0.3359.106) for Android will let users find their saved passwords more easily.

Top frames can delegate autoplay permission to their iframes to allow autoplay with sound.

If you're already running Chrome, you can update to version 66 immediately by navigating to Customize and control Google Chrome Settings About Chrome. The latest release also alerts users when third-party software injects code that results in browser crashes, along with a password management feature that allows users to save their credentials to a.csv file.

Chrome 66 for desktops is available now, with Android and Chrome OS following shortly.

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Chrome 66 has other new features, of course.

One is the September 2017 decision to stop trusting Symantec's digital certificates, ending a long dispute over the way the security vendor managed its partners' PKI activities before June 2016. Because this is still on a trail run, Google urged its users to use chrome://flags#site-isolation-trial-opt-out if there is an issue caused by Site Isolation and to report the issue before Site Isolation is launched more broadly. Now, when the users will open any YouTube links in a new tab, the video which was playing previously would not play.

"Site Isolation improves Chrome's security and helps mitigate the risks posed by Spectre", said Google. Numerous fixes Google were contributed by external researchers.

Windows Defender Browser Protection works by relying on a constantly updated list of malicious sites.

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