Stop demarketing Nigeria, PDP tells Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari with the British Prime Minister Theresa May at 10 Downing Street London yesterday

President Muhammadu Buhari with the British Prime Minister Theresa May at 10 Downing Street London yesterday

The writer and author says Buhari's meeting with Theresa May will make no difference despite what he tells her. Reno also stated that he met the British Prime Minister twice previous year and is sure she will not be fooled by whatever misinformation president Buhari will pass-on to her.

Trump will discuss ways of combating terrorism, promoting economic growth and building Nigeria's role as a leader in West Africa at the April 30 meeting.

President Buhari left Abuja for London more than one week ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings (CHOGM) scheduled for April 18-20.

The US president has also sought to improve relationship with African governments after his alleged reference to African nations as "shitholes" in January.

In the statement, the White House said Mr Buhari would meet Mr Trump at Washington to discuss issues including "fighting terrorism" and economic growth.

President Buhari talked about his cardinal campaign promises: to secure the country, revive the economy and fight corruption.

Nigeria hasbeen battling Boko-Haram insurgency for almost nine years from the north east of the country, a war which has killed tens of thousands and displaced at 2.1 million persons internally inside the country according to the latest report.

United States v. Microsoft case comes to a quiet end
The CLOUD Act clarifies the authority of the federal government when requesting user data that US tech companies store overseas . The Justice Department and Microsoft both supported the new measure, the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act.

Trump made calls to President Buhari and then South Africa President Jacob Zuma when he took office past year, inviting them to Washington at a mutually convenient date.

However, the British Prime Minister expressed concerns that "so many girls had been affected by the security situation in Nigeria".

May, while speaking on education and climate change, also told Buhari that "good grounding in education is good". We brought back about 4,000 people from Libya recently.

Talking about climate change and environmental issues, President Buhari brought up the necessity of inter-basin water transfer from Congo Basin to Lake Chad. "They were headed to Europe".

"I am very pleased with the successes in agriculture", he said, adding that, "We have cut rice importation by about 90%, made lots of savings of foreign exchange, and generated employment".

The Prime Minister said the Buhari administration has "been making good progress on the economy", and urged it to maintain the focus, despite approaching elections, and increase in political activities.

"In spite of his belief to the contrary, it is obvious that President Buhari is completely preoccupied with his 2019 re-election ambition for which governance and the welfare of Nigerians have completely taken the back seat".

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