Microsoft Translator now has AI-powered translation even when offline

Microsoft Translator gets offline AI translations		
	Frederic Lardinois

   	13 hours

Microsoft Translator gets offline AI translations Frederic Lardinois @ 13 hours

As per some reports from the web, the updated version for the Microsoft Translator app will now allow users of Android, iOS and Amazon Fire devices to download the AI-powered translation packs that will be used in translating a user's query even when the user is offline.

Using translation apps in a foreign country can be nerve wracking.Such software nearly always depends on remote servers to do the hard work. "The Translator app will do the rest", Microsoft explains.

Recent chip advancements have made it possible for Microsoft to bring offline neural machine translation (NMT) to any modern phone; previously it was necessary to use a dedicated AI chip. These machine learning centers are capable of incredibly fast translations with better and better accuracy as time goes on. But it required an Internet connection.

Back in 2016, Microsoft actually launched its AI-powered online neural machine translation but since you would need high cloud computing power, it was only available online. The current list includes Arabic, Chinese Simplified, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.

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Menezes tells me that Microsoft first trialed these on-device neural translation with Huawei, which started including its homegrown AI co-processor in its Mate 10 and Honor 10 phones past year.

The Android app with language packs is available now, while the iOS app should be available after April 21, because it's still going through Apple's app review process. If not, the Microsoft Translator app will use the offline language packs. Microsoft promises more languages will come soon.

In addition to these new language packs, the team also announced today a new Translator local feature preview for Android, which will allow developers to integrate offline NMT translation to their Android apps. There is no need to create a new one and, as if the cloud API is being called directly, requests are not logged for either online or offline translations. It is also being said that the difference between the online and offline translations are "barely noticeable".

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