Mobile to pay $40mln over false ring tones on rural United States calls

T-Mobile to pay $40 mn penalty for low quality calls in rural areas

T-Mobile fined for deceiving consumers calling rural areas

T- Mobile, a wireless network operator based in the US, has agreed to pay compensation worth Dollars 40 million over the USA government's claims that the firm was unable to fix issues related to false ringtones in the rural regions.

Today, the Federal Communications Commission voted to approve a Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that will adopt new measures to ensure that calls are completed in rural America.

"Prior consent decrees have included direct-to-consumer benefits, such as refunds or discounts, or notifications to customers who have been impacted", Mignon Clyburn, the FCC commissioner, said.

This would have given the impression that the calls were going unanswered rather than not connecting.

FCC said the investigation also revealed T-Mobile's practice of injecting false ring tones into certain calls. A caller may then hang up, thinking no one is available.

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According to the FCC, carriers, and customers, in three rural areas of Wisconsin had filed the new complaints, and after an investigation, it was decided that the mobile carrier had actually not accomplished what they had previously stated as fixed. "We have settled this matter - and will continue to focus on our mission to change wireless for good for consumers everywhere".

"FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said in a statement that it "is a basic tenet of the nation's phone system that calls be completed to the called party, without a reduction in the call quality even when the calls pass through intermediate providers". The agency notes that this is the sixth such settlement. "Despite demonstrating a clear and tangible consumer harm, in this consent decree, consumers are treated as a mere afterthought", she added.

"How many times was a loved one calling to check on the wellbeing of an elderly relative, only to have the phone ring and ring with no answer?"

"Childcare providers, employers, local businesses, old friends-what critical information was missed?"

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