'RGV Provoked Sri Reddy To Abuse Pawan, I've Proof'

AP Govt. using Gunmen for Surveillance on Pawan Kalyan

AP Govt. using Gunmen for Surveillance on Pawan Kalyan

The filmmaker has been supporting the actress in her fight against sexual exploitation of women in the Telugu Film Industry.

But in the meantime, while Sandhya took to channels to say this, Varma is busy shedding crocodile tears on Twitter revealing that Sri Reddy might have accidentally called Pawan that way but her true intention would not have been that.

It is clear that Ram Gopal Varma is the man who influenced actress Sri Reddy to abuse Pawan Kalyan. Even though the actor-turned politician has not reacted to this, his brother Babu addressed the media on the issue on Wednesday.

On the other hand, actor Gayatri Gupta went live on Facebook saying Reddy was changing her statements in hours just because things were not working in her favour. Lata said Pawan has no connection with the ongoing "Casting Couch" controversy. The actress also appeared vulnerable as she wrote, "1st time felt alone in this world. thank u everyone". Her abuses and insults did not go down well on the Powerstar's fans who trolled her incessantly.

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She further added, "If he can't stop them, I will take legal action against him, and not his fans".

Days after her protest on the streets of Hyderabad, Kalyan had advised Reddy that she should have gone to the police instead of protesting in the streets.

"I didn't do it deliberately, but whatever I did, it's a mistake, so I am asking Pawan Kalyan's mother to forgive me".

Allu Aravind is all set to blast Ram Gopal Varma through this press meet. But now in a shocking turn of events it has been revealed that another person was the reason Sri Reddy abused Pawan Kalyan. It is also reported that he asked her to command for Rs 5 crore from Suresh Babu in compensation for what his son has done.

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