Streaming service now offering mobile previews

Above Mobile previews

Above Mobile previews

Added to that, they play like a slideshow, allowing users to swipe or tap to skip to the next video without returning to the main screen.

Netflix is introducing video previews to its mobile app from today, giving users a quick way of assessing whether a movie or TV show will be to their liking.

Last year, previews were added for large screen viewing.

Video previews on Netflix have Snapchat and Instagram-like Stories format starting from the design to its functioning. The preview loads quickly and is personalised to an individuals' tastes, the company said.

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The new mobile vertical trailers are now only available for the iOS Netflix app. "With the launch of mobile previews, we are bringing a video browse experience to your mobile phone in a fun and mobile-optimized way".

The previews you'll be offered are personalized, so you'll see shows Netflix thinks you'll enjoy.

Netflix is introducing 30-second previews for its shows and movies for mobile viewers. We hope you like using this new feature and that mobile previews help you find your next favorite show! At the time, Netflix's vice president of product Todd Yellin said that there would be up to 75 mobile previews at launch, but the company plans on adding hundreds of titles in the future. Unlike Netflix's website and smart TV apps, these preview videos won't start playing automatically - which is perhaps the most annoying thing about Netflix's site and TV apps.

As of now, the feature is only available for iPhone users - however, Android phones will follow soon, according to Netflix.

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