Armoured vehicles are coming to PUBG in new event mode

Armoured vehicles are coming to PUBG in new event mode

Armoured vehicles are coming to PUBG in new event mode

While it will be implemented on Test Servers first, the latest Steam Community post details how the feature will work once it's live.

A recent report suggested that some players were quitting games when assigned to the desert map.

Two major problems that the team faced were the potential to cause serious increases in matchmaking times and how they could make map selection work well for players in different regions with different preferences and playstyles.

PUBG Corp has announced that map selection is due to arrive in PUBG. Players do believe it is an enormous update and letting them choose their map is the fairest thing to do.

The map selection tool will give players the chance to click on the maps they want to play, and deselect any they don't. If a map shows up that you don't want to play on, then you can just unselect it.

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No specifics were given as to when exactly players will be able to try out the new map selector, with the post merely saying that "work on the feature is nearly complete, and we plan to release it soon after implementing it on the test server".

PUBG Corp. say they delayed map making for fear it would cause matchmaking problems, but, apparently, they've found a way around those issues.

If you have more than one map selected, one of them will be randomly picked at the start of every match, similar to how it now works.

The map selection option is expected to be release on the game's test server next week. We already know of at least one new map in the works, the small-scale Savage map, and if it proves popular enough, it could potentially lower the population of both Erangel and Miramar.

As the battle royale genre continues to explode, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has become something of a juggernaut. Thankfully, Fortnite is here, forcing PUBG Corp and publisher/original developer Bluehole to take some action (and ideas).

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