Bell: Kinder Morgan drops pipeline bombshell

Slim majority of Canadians, British Columbians now supports pipeline project; opposition remains strong

Saskatchewan premier says his province will also table oil ban bill

"Last week on an investor call, Kinder Morgan was asked if a federal funding backstop was acceptable to proceed, and they said they need total clarity from B.C. that they would stop obstructing this pipeline".

He wrote that the project going ahead would help alleviate "increased pressure on the railway", which he said, "translates into overflow freight being diverted on the highways", and argued that the pipeline is a more environmentally friendly option for rural B.C. than transporting oil by rail.

Indeed, the last couple of weeks have been very eventful, with Alberta's government threatening British Columbia with legislation that could see exports of Albertan crude and fuels to the neighboring province reduced, and B.C. threatening to go to court if this legislation is approved.

The Houston bigwig doesn't mind telling us what is on his mind.

His company suspended work on the project earlier this month because the investment may be "untenable for a private party to undertake".

Trudeau came home between his trips to Peru and England to sit down with the two rival NDP premiers, Rachel Notley of Alberta and John Horgan of British Columbia, to work through this dispute.

"The dead goat lies at the doorstep of the prime minister", said Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, president of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs. Perhaps that's why Kinder Morgan is contemplating pulling out. He's down in Texas.

Although the B.C. government isn't wavering from its opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, results from a new survey suggest a slim majority of British Columbians, including on Vancouver Island, want construction to go ahead. But this is now more about who has the final say, the ultimate authority, on contentious issues in this country. He is speaking to investors.

She said the rug allusion refers to ongoing talks with Alberta and the federal government to buy into the pipeline project to ensure it gets completed.

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"And I believe that the people that need to be at the table to make that thing happen are now at the table, but I will not engage in public negotiations around what is happening at that table".

"It's gone from the unusual to the downright freaky, where the federal government nearly seems to be wanting to force public money onto a private oil company as the private oil company says the project might not go ahead at all", said NDP B.C. Liaison Nathan Cullen.

Then she takes a shot at Kenney.

"Will he stand in the House today and say that he will never do this, that it would never be considered, that he would not use the army and the police forces against British Columbians in their own communities, on the reserves, and in their municipalities?" said Stewart on February 12.

Time runs out. You feel like saying: Fighters, back to your corners.

The hope is most of it would be shipped to Asia, opening up new markets for Canada's oil beyond the United States, Canada's only real oil customer - a situation Trudeau says forces Canada to take a big hit on the price it gets for the resource. He said the Whispering Pines agreement includes a lump-sum payment of about $5 million from Kinder Morgan.

The British Columbia (B.C.) government, environmentalists, and some First Nations fiercely oppose the project. Most of those who follow the debate expect it to be just one of many considerations liable to go into the mix of their decision.

Surerus Murphy is still negotiating its contract with Kinder Morgan, and officials with Macro could not be reached for comment.

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