Carrie Underwood Fell While Taking Her Dogs Out

Carrie Underwood announces new album release date

Video: Carrie Underwood announces new album 'Cry Pretty,' due out in the fall

When asked where she fell on her face, Carrie remarked that it was around her mouth.

The scar, which was not visible at Sunday night's ACM Awards when the singer performed, was noticable during her interview with Bones.

"I was taking out the dogs to go pee-pee one last time".

All eyes were on Carrie Underwood as she made her triumphant return to the public eye following a nasty fall in November that left her with 50 stitches in her face.

"I thought I just busted my lip when I walked inside", Underwood tells Sirius XM's the Highway on Wednesday (April 19). "But it was one step that messed everything up", the mom of one told host Bobby Bones.

"Back when I injured myself, you really don't know how things are gonna turn out when you in it [with] stitches", she said Thursday. I was anxious [my son] might be scared of me.

The star then heartbreakingly admitted during her first interview of 2018 that she was anxious her 3-year-old son Isaiah would be scared of her when he saw her for the first time since her accident.

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"['Cry Pretty'] is kind of just all about emotions, and I feel like as humans we're just kind of expected to have our crap together all the time", Underwood said.

The country star announced that she's set a release date for her sixth album, titled Cry Pretty.

"My wrist is nearly back to normal, about 90 percent there... and the docs say that last 10 percent will come in time".

As Inquisitr previously reported, Carrie was visibly emotional when she returned to the stage at the ACM Awards on April 15. She believes she'll always have the marks, but they're covered by makeup.

The singer announced that "Cry Pretty", which is also the name of the hit single she performed at the ACMs, will drop September 14.

Underwood emerged from the promise of her 2005 "American Idol" win to become a true multiformat, multimedia superstar, spanning achievements in music, television and film.

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