Star Wars: Episode IX welcomes first black female director in franchise history

Ava Du Vernay Tweet


The Star Wars franchise has come under fire for the lack of diversity in its directors but is looking to change that with the hiring of Victoria Mahoney as second unit director for Episode IX.

While Mahoney won't be the movie's primary director, it is still the first time an African-American woman, let alone any woman of color, has served in any directorial role for the franchise. She told Variety: "We want to make sure that when we bring a female director in to do Star Wars, they're set up for success". Ava DuVernay just tweeted the historic news.

The second unit director is in charge of a separate shooting unit from the first crew. First unit director JJAbrams.

Brennan's comments to WalesOnline (h/t MovieWeb) came at a flawless time, then, as the landmark addition of Victoria Mahoney surely - surely - means that the first female-directed Star Wars movie is well within reach.

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What other directors would you like to see work on the "Star Wars" franchise? She has also shared excitement for the new movies, thanking Lucasfilm last December for opening The Last Jedi on her birthday and more recently hyping Solo cinematographer Bradford Young. "Thank you Ava for putting my name in the #StarWars #LucasFilm hat", she wrote.

For such a huge franchise, it's been surprising and a bit troubling how the Star Wars franchise seemed to struggle to hire directors that were anything but white men.

We hope that by hiring Mahoney as the second unit director on Episode IX, that they are beginning a precedent of hiring a much wider range of talented and diverse directors. And the Dawn series will have her working again with aliens. She's definitely heading in the direction of bigger things, and eventually she could be in the position of a J.J. Abrams giving another deserving director a shot via second-unit production.

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