Syria Army Shells Southern Damascus to Liberate Two Areas

Bashar al-Assad the president of the Syrian regime receiving a number of the abductees’ relatives in Damascus – April 10. 2018

Bashar al-Assad the president of the Syrian regime receiving a number of the abductees’ relatives in Damascus – April 10. 2018

After the rebels' evacuation from Douma earlier this month, the entire Eastern Ghouta countryside in the east of Damascus has returned to the control of the Syrian government.

The commander, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the operation is targeting Daesh and al-Nusra terrorists in Yarmouk Camp and the adjoining al-Hajar al-Aswad area.

And today state television showed live footage of buses entering the town of Dumayr, northeast of Damascus, to bring out fighters and their families, while soldiers stood by the roadside. Since then, Assad has focused on regaining four less populated encircled enclaves.

Syrian state media says government forces have started bombing an Islamic State-held zone in Damascus.

But the single volley of air strikes, hitting three targets far from any frontline, had no effect on the wider war which has killed 500,000 people and made more than half of Syrians homeless. The suspected poison gas attack creates a conundrum for Western powers, who are determined to punish Assad for using chemical weapons but have no strategy for the sort of sustained intervention that might damage him.

Syria and its ally Russian Federation deny using chemical weapons in the assault on Douma. All the rebel groups controlling areas of eastern Ghouta eventually agreed surrender deals that involved withdrawal to opposition-held areas of northwestern Syria.

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Physicians for Human Rights, a USA -based rights group, voiced "grave concern" over reports that Douma hospital staff had faced "extreme intimidation" after the area came back under government control to stop them talking about the incident.

On Tuesday, the militants began surrendering their weapons as part of the reached agreement with the government forces. Insurgents in another enclave nearby - Eastern Qalamoun - said they had also agreed to withdraw.

The state SANA news agency says the Army of Islam fighters and their families are leaving the town of Dumayr on Thursday. The government denies that. Iraq has carried out airstrikes in Syria against the group in the past.

Sources said today that terrorist groups settled in Eastern Qalamoun, northern Damascus, negotiated an agreement with the Syrian Army to leave that broad area and move to the city of Jarablus, in the northern region of Aleppo province.

Yarmouk was the biggest camp for Palestinian refugees in Syria before the war.

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