Porsche and Audi offices in Germany raided by legal officials

Porsche board member investigated over diesel emissions claims

Porsche axed the Macan diesel model this year but said it was due to demand not the emissions scandal Close

The raids, accompanied by 160 police, targeted information relating to a Porsche board member, another member of its senior management and a third person who is no longer employed by the luxury auto company, investigators said.

The office of Audi has been raided by the German police owing to the emissions scandal, which has created a big turmoil in the auto industry.

Investigators have raided offices and homes of former and current managers at German carmaker Porsche.

A Porsche spokesperson said that searches were taking place at the company's offices in the southwestern city of Stuttgart, as well as at Audi's offices in Ingolstadt.

The issue resurfaced in July, when media reported that leading German automakers had coordinated their actions on matters such as designing diesel emissions treatment systems in diesel vehicles.

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According to a statement released by the prosecutor's office, they are looking for three accused from Porsche's executive board. 'The third suspect is no longer employed at Porsche AG'. The names of the suspects have not been revealed yet, by the Police. Audi AG and Porsche AG are co-operating fully with the investigating authorities.

The scandal around the usage of emissions cheating software erupted in Germany in 2015 when it turned out that Volkswagen could have falsified emissions test results for its diesel-engine cars. "Please appreciate that we can't comment on further details due to the ongoing investigation".

Porsche and Audi, both of which are subsidiaries of the larger Wolfsburg-based Volkswagen Group, are being targeted in a joint investigatory effort by state prosecutors in the "dieselgate" scandal.

Porsche recently announced that it had dropped all of its diesel models from sale in the United Kingdom, but later stressed that this wasn't a long-term anti-diesel policy, but rather a response to the slump in demand for the fuel.

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