Cosby Defense Team Again Tries, Fails to Get a Mistrial

Bill Cosby departs after his sexual assault trial Wednesday

Bill Cosby departs after his sexual assault trial Wednesday

"I like the petting, the touching", Cosby told the officers who interviewed him about the alleged sexual encounters between himself and accuser Andrea Constand. While she was on the stand, Jackson admitted that defense attorney Kathleen Bliss, indeed, helped to write her statement about the alleged incident, which included more details about Constand's supposedly wanting money, a detail that wasn't included in the first statement.

Jurors at Cosby's first trial past year also heard excerpts from the deposition but deadlocked on sexual assault charges.

On Thursday, jurors were treated to a day of science as opposing toxicologists testified about Benadryl, an antihistamine that Cosby says he gave Constand, and Quaaludes, a 1970s "party drug" that he has testified to obtaining with a view to having sex.

"The Andrea I knew is either ADD, or has a learning disability", Cosby said later in the interview.

Cosby, in a 2005 deposition read to jurors by a police detective, said he obtained seven prescriptions for quaaludes from his doctor in Los Angeles in the 1970s, ostensibly for a sore back, but added he did not use them himself because they made him exhausted.

Montgomery County Detective James Reape, who has been working on the Cosby investigation since it was reopened in 2015, told jurors he wasn't concerned about inconsistencies the defence played up in Constand's story - such as her early uncertainty over the date of the alleged assault - because Cosby's testimony had filled in numerous blanks.

As the trial entered its ninth day Thursday, Cosby's lawyers lost their fifth bid for a mistrial over the prosecution's treatment of Jackson.

Prosecutors countered that Constand and Cosby have both said the encounter was in 2004.

Cosby's lawyers say prosecutors have not proved charges he drugged and molested a woman at his Philadelphia mansion more than a dozen years ago.

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Cosby's lawyers sought Wednesday to minimize the importance of his quaaludes testimony. "They are going to read testimony into the trial, and we won't have the opportunity to cross-examine".

A prosecution drug expert is telling jurors that Bill Cosby's chief accuser could have been made woozy by either the cold and allergy medicine Benadryl or by quaaludes.

She said Cosby called the blue pills "your friends" and told her they would "help take the edge off".

The drug was banned in the United States in 1982, the same year one of the women who testified, Janice Baker-Kinney, alleges Cosby knocked her out with pills she suspected to be Quaalude and then raped her. Prosecutors point out Cosby was arrested in 2015, just before the deadline to charge him.

After jurors heard Cosby's quaaludes testimony, the defense put Jackson on the stand.

But a different expert called by Cosby's defense team said she couldn't have felt those symptoms so quickly or severely from the Benadryl that Cosby said he gave her. They had also petitioned to get her phone records.

The book contained a highly sanitized version of the encounter, with no sex at all. "You can find all aspects within this case we'd love to request Ms. Williams about".

Earlier in the trial, they also sought to paint Constand as a gold-digging opportunist who fabricated her assault claims in an attempt to extort the $3.4 million settlement she received from Cosby in 2006.

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