'Freak' turbulence on AI flight leaves 3 injured, window panel comes off

Air India flight

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At least three passengers were injured on an Air India flight from New Delhi to Amritsar on Thursday after the aircraft encountered heavy turbulence, causing an inside panel of a window to fall off and some overhead oxygen masks to be deployed. "All the injured passengers took their connecting flights after receiving first aid", the official said.

The clip, circulated among WhatsApp groups and other social media platforms, shows an airhostess trying to fix the panel that came off and pacifying an elderly woman passenger seated next to the window. India's aviation watchdog, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is part of the investigations and the Boeing 787 involved in the incident has been grounded.

The packed plane was rocked by the massive turbulence for more than half of the journey and the 240 passengers on the plane were visibly terrified, with some in tears.

The 50-second footage opens with a stewardess surreally holding the fugitive window panel, which she then fumblingly replaces in its frame.

The incident has been described as a "freak kind of severe turbulence".

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In October 2014, a Singapore Airlines flight was hit by sudden turbulence when it was descending to land in Mumbai, injuring 22 passengers and crew.

An Air India spokesperson said the flight, operating on the Amritsar-Delhi sector, faced severe turbulence because of bad weather during climb. The outside window did not break and there was no de-pressurization.

In addition to the lady who got injured by the fallen window, another passenger hit his head on the overhead cabin due to the turbulence. Two passengers suffered minor injuries.

She was dragged right straight back within the air craft by passengers and team right after the air craft was pierced by shrapnel however wasn't able to recover from her injuries.

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