Plane passenger dilemma: Protect child or try to save victim


Southwest Airlines hero pilot texted friend 'God is good' after landing

The manufacturer of the engine that failed catastrophically on Tuesday on a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 issued new guidelines on Friday that call for more frequent and more thorough inspections of its engine fan blades.

A passenger desperately tried to help the woman who was sucked out of a plane window.

Jennifer Riordan was identified as the woman killed on the Southwest Airlines flight. Sumwalt said the crack was not detectable from the outside. He searched for his wallet, then found himself fumbling to enter his credit card information as the plane shook. The pilot made a crisis arrival in Philadelphia. "I actually heard someone say, there is a God!" "Our hearts are heavy".

The flight was 20 minutes into its trip from NY to Dallas.

Once the inspections are completed, CFM recommended to repeat the process every 3,000 cycles - about two years in airline service - but the FAA did not require such a measure.

Southwest said in an email that on Sunday workers had looked at the inlet, exhaust, cowlings, and fairings.

"I know people would want answers right away. It just didn't register what could have been". 'Psychologically, I think there's a lot going on'.

The injured woman's arms and body were sucked toward the opening in the plane, witnesses said. "Whatever she was thinking, whatever she was feeling", said Mackey.

In the chaos, it was hard to hear anyone. In total, the flight had 144 customers and five crewmembers onboard.

Other passengers began trying to plug the hole with jackets and other objects but to no avail. You had a few passengers that were very strong and they kept yelling to people, you know, 'It's OK! The thoughts were terrifying. Needum, seated next to his father and son, turned back to see that oxygen masks had deployed in the cabin. The plane landed at about 190 miles per hour rather than about 155 miles per hour, he said. "We go through the same training that the guys do, and our hope was the Navy would allow us to fly in combat at some point".

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"While we at that time had an exclusion, she was in fact helping male pilots hone their skills", Flanders said. We were all just looking around.

In a statement late Wednesday, Shults and the other pilot on board, First Officer Darren Ellisor, said they felt like they were simply doing their jobs.

"Everything you do you double-check and back each other up", Sullenberger said. "Southwest 1380, it doesn't matter we will work it out there", the air traffic controller said.

The National Transportation Safety Board believes one of the engine fan blades snapped.

"In aviation, there should be inspection techniques and procedures in place to detect something like that".

The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered an inspection within 20 days of all engines of the type that disintegrated in mid-air Tuesday, killing a woman when engine parts shattered the window near which she was sitting.

Engines in 681 aircraft will be checked worldwide.

"More than likely, when the engine fan blade separated, it caused the cowling to separate and end up in this small town northwest of the airport", he said. They've also recovered the airplane's cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder, and are still tracking down debris from the engine. A jet engine cycle comprises an engine start, takeoff and landing, and full shut down.

Riordan served as vice president of community relations for Wells Fargo's New Mexico operations. Southwest said hers was the first in-flight death in company history. The Air Line Pilots Association, which represents 60,000 commercial pilots in the USA and Canada, supported the measure. She is married to a fellow pilot and a mother of two children. "Her impact on everything and everyone she touched can never be fully measured".

"She is the bedrock of our family. Her beauty and love is evident through her children", the statement said. "People are running on half asleep", she said.

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