Southwest Airlines Cancels Flights For Fan Blade Inspections

An engine on Southwest Airlines flight 1380 exploded killing one passengerEPA

An engine on Southwest Airlines flight 1380 exploded killing one passengerEPA

When an engine blew on her Southwest jet, pilot Tammie Jo Shults' training helped her stay calm and collected while guiding the plane down safely during the emergency landing. The left engine had exploded at 32,000ft, sending shrapnel smashing through a window.

"I remember telling my daughter as a child, 'Well you know, when your dad was going to flight school there was a woman, and she went in and was paving the way for hundreds of other women to finally say I'm going to do this".

This April 17, 2018 photo provided by Marty Martinez shows the window that was shattered after a jet engine of a Southwest Airlines airplane blew out at altitude, resulting in the death of a woman who was almost sucked from the window during the flight of the Boeing 737 bound from NY to Dallas with 149 people aboard, shown after it made an emergency landing in Philadelphia.

When news broke of Shults piloting the crippled Southwest airliner, the name immediately jarred the mind of one Beeville resident.

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"It was really loud, you couldn't hear". As Tim's wife, Kristin McGinty, put into perspective on Facebook, "My husband lives his life for others every day, and today was such a strong reminder that life is so precious and that there are good people all around us.... On behalf of the entire Crew, we appreciate the outpouring of support from the public and our coworkers as we all reflect on one family's profound loss". "Whatever she was thinking, whatever she was feeling", said Mackey. My junior year in college, I met a girl who had just received her Air Force wings. "I set to work trying to break into the club". According to ABC News, she was trained at a time when female pilots were not allowed to fly with combat units. "In VAQ-34, gender doesn't matter there's no advantage or disadvantage", she said.

Shults is an active member in her community, Staci Thompson, a friend who attends the same church as Shults, told The Dallas Morning News.

Maloney featured Shults in her book, Military Fly Moms, along with the stories and photos of 69 other women USA military veterans.

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