Sessions Says 'Migrant Caravan' Reached US Border in Bid to Undermine Law

Trump orders border officials to block 'large caravans' of migrants at Mexico border

Trump vows to bar 'caravans' of asylum-seeking migrants from entering US

"And we will enforce the law through prosecution of illegal border crossers", Nielsen said in a statement.

The Trump administration on Monday announced it was sending more federal immigration attorneys, judges, prosecutors and asylum officers to the border to prepare for a possible influx of Central Americans arriving as part of an annual caravan - with the aim of swiftly prosecuting the migrants and, in many cases, returning them to their home countries.

"DHS encourages persons with asylum or other similar claims to seek protections in the first safe country they enter, including Mexico", she added.

In another tweet he said it's crucial to get funding for the border wall.

Asylum has turned into an Achilles heel of the immigration system, with many migrants having learned how to game the system, lodging claims when they are caught at the border.

The caravan of Central Americans - chiefly mostly Hondurans - has been snaking toward the US for almost a month, with perhaps 1,500 people having mustered down at the southern border of Mexico before Easter.

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Along its journey, the caravan dwindled as Mexican immigration authorities detained and deported some migrants who did not have a right to stay in Mexico.

"Trump has railed against the caravan, but migrants have the right to request asylum in the USA and should not be turned away buy border officials unless they fail to pass initial security screenings", the group said. A few dozen, however, carried on until they reached the United States, including about 50 who crossed into the country from Tijuana late last week, Reuters reported. "WALL", he wrote, describing the USA immigration policy as a "disgrace". " Our Country can not accept what is happening!" he said.

Mexico's ability to control immigration flows could be made a condition of a free trade agreement now being renegotiated, warned US President Donald Trump on Monday.

President Trump also took a moment to criticize Mexico, saying the country needs to stop illegal immigrants from entering the U.S.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Luis Videgaray rebuffed the tweet with one of his own an hour later.

"People have a legal right, under USA law and global agreements signed by the US, to seek asylum in the United States of America", said Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the group behind the caravan.

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