To-play battle royale shooter H1Z1 is coming to PS4 next month

H1Z1 Launching On PS4 Open Beta Begins May 22

H1Z1: Fortnite Battle Royale has a big new rival on PS4 - and it's also FREE to play

Talking about the announcement, H1Z1 Producer Terrence Yee said that: "H1Z1 on PS4 is true battle royale mayhem".

'We have added key gameplay differentiators to keep the game frantic and fun - an action shooter's dream of fast-paced Battle Royale'. The H1Z1 HUD has been simplified, but the biggest change is that the game doesn't feature a crafting system on PS4.

"Whether it's enough to draw those crowds back to Daybreak and the progenitor of battle royale games is a different story, but H1Z1 deserves a lot of credit for the strides it's taken towards polishing an inherently rough and ready genre". For a chance to get in on the closed beta, simply sign up at the H1Z1 website.

With the new weapon progression mechanics, players only have access to loot six level-one weapons at the start of the match and must strategically decide which airdrops to pursue if they want better level weapons and gear.

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The Open Beta will begin on May 22nd, complete with a control system tailor-made for the PS4. This will include a dynamic theme at time of purchase, PS Plus members will receive an extra 20% off their preorder. Matches will now only last as long as 15 minutes, as the gas will move faster to increase the speed of the game and allow for more intense matches.

H1Z1 will launch for open beta on PlayStation 4 on May 22, 2018. Look out Fortnite, because H1Z1 is coming for you. According to Daybreak Games, H1Z1 on PlayStation 4 will be specifically designed for the console and feature a new weapon progression system, a fully reworked UI, new weapons, and new gear as well.

For those not looking forward to fighting over airdrops, the game will also have special crates hidden around the map (on the ground) that contain high-level weapons and armour.

H1Z1 will be free to play on the PlayStation 4 and if it is anything like the PC version, it will have micro transactions for loot. It will run a smooth 60fps on PS4 Pro and starting today through May 22 players can preorder a special H1Z1 bundle for $29.99 for unique in-game cosmetic items that will be received upon the start of the Open Beta.

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