Microsoft And Discord Partner For Xbox Live Integration

The option to link Xbox and Discord accounts will roll out to Xbox Insiders soon

The option to link Xbox and Discord accounts will roll out to Xbox Insiders soon

The integration will allow players to display whatever they are playing on the Xbox Live platform on their Discord profile. Soon you will have the option to add to link your Xbox account to Discord directly from your Xbox One, an option that will become available to the Xbox community as a whole very soon.

It's not clear when the option will arrive on the Discord app on desktop or mobile, though. Microsoft will be partnering with Discord in order to connect it to Xbox Live.

Microsoft is hoping to tap into the popularity of the PC gaming chat app, Discord.

The announcement today from Microsoft stated that the goal of the partnership is to allow players to have an easier time connecting with each other online, even if they are playing on different devices.

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All in all, the new feature allows Xbox players to display the game they're now playing on their Xbox One or Xbox Live on PC to the video game-centric social chat platform Discord.

If you want to link your account on PC the way to do it is similar. Once you do this, you will receive a code on your Xbox that needs to be plugged into your Discord account through the Connections tab in the app. You will then see an Xbox Live option, click on it and sign into your Xbox account.

After following these few simple steps, your accounts will be linked and your Xbox Live game presence can be shared across Discord, enabling friends and users in your same Discord servers to see what you're playing on Xbox Live. You'll be asked to enable permission and when you do your two accounts will be linked.

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