'Get in the vehicle people!': Onlookers horrified as family approaches cheetahs

Family runs from cheetahs after getting out of their car in Beekse Bergen

Family runs from cheetahs after getting out of their car in Beekse Bergen

The tourists filming in the vehicle behind them can not believe their eyes when the group climb out of a French-registered auto to take snaps of the predators. The cheetahs, on the other hand, show a great deal of interest in the group, and things get close and personal.

They got back in their vehicle and drove off, only to be spotted a short while later walking on the heather fields close to the animals.

A French family of five was lucky to go unscathed after they were chased by cheetahs at a safari park in the Netherlands.

He also claims that the playground helps make it clear that people must not get out of these vehicles.

In a video uploaded by Robin de Graaf, a family can be seen being surrounded by a group of cheetahs. A group of tourists in the auto behind them, who captured the terrifying encounter on video, gasped and yelled as they watched the cats surround the family.

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The woman then calmly shoos two approaching cheetahs away. One of the cheetahs came very close looking quite agitated. A park spokesman told the station that visitors are instructed to never to leave their vehicles.

"There have been some reports that day, but no one was aware of the fact that people have made a kind of beach walk in the stay of the cheetahs", park manager Niels de Wildt told NOS Radio 1 News.

"We inform visitors about the risks in several languages throughout the park", the spokesman told Dutch broadcaster NOS.

Onlookers recording the footage can be heard saying "jesus!" and "what the f*ck" in the background.

"But in the end, they do respond to this exceptional visit and these people have been incredibly lucky", he said.

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