Viral photo of ticks on muffin terrifies the internet

List of nations with CDC travel advisories

List of nations with CDC travel advisories

The month of May kicks off tick and Lyme season. However, the CDC estimates the total number of people diagnosed with Lyme disease could exceed 300,000 annually.

In total, 99 percent of all reported tick-borne diseases are caused by the blacklegged tick, the state Department of Health says. The vast majority (more than 88 per cent) of the 2016 cases were reported in Ontario, Quebec or Nova Scotia. If not treated, Lyme disease can produce severe arthritis or cause neurological or cardiac problems.

Ticks can spread multiple illnesses, but Lyme disease is the most commonly reported tick-borne disease in MI. "It's always good if you suspect that you've been bitten by a tick, (if) you've found one on your body, to go get yourself checked out". Wear light-colored trousers and long sleeves.

You might have spotted the photos somewhere on one of your social feeds and wondered what they were all about.

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"Anywhere where you're out hiking and brushing up against that tall grass or you're brushing up against bushes, they climb to the edges, the tip of the grass or out on the bushes", said Sampson. Check pets every day if they are allowed outdoors, as pets can bring ticks into the home.

Apply a tick repellent according to label instructions.

To keep pets safe from fleas and ticks, consult a vet to get their proper protection regularly check your animals for any infestations and remember that indoor pets are just as much at risk as outdoor pets. Bathe or shower within two hours of being outdoors in wooded or grassy areas, or as soon as possible. Pull the tick straight up, do not twist.

Washing clothing in hot water and drying on high heat will kill ticks in clothing.

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