Apple now has more than 50 autonomous cars on the road

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That makes it the second largest fleet in the state, behind only GM's Cruise.

Apple has once again expanded its fleet of self-driving cars in California, according to MacReports. At this stage, Apple hasn't been authorized to test self-driving cars independent of human supervision; for that, the company will need to submit a separate permit to the DMV - something Waymo did last month.

It's important to note that companies like Waymo and Uber used to have more self-driving cars in California. Apple had only three cars on the road in 2017 before expanding to 27 this January and is now up to 55. Waymo, for instance, has hundreds of autonomous vehicles being tested in Arizona. That gives it the second-largest fleet in the U.S., ahead of Waymo's 51 cars, but still well behind GM Cruise, which boasts 104. Sources said that Uber along with Waymo used to have a more autonomous vehicle in California, for instance, both have over 100 self-driving cars in the state before moving part of its fleet to Arizona where additional testing is now taking place.

He added, "We sort of see autonomous cars as the mother of all AI projects It's probably one of the most hard AI projects actually to work on". It does not appear on the May 9 list seen by Business Insider.

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This indicates a margin of error that's worth considering before rushing into fully self-driving trials; before the public can accept autonomous cars as a reliable alternative, companies need to gain its trust.

Apple's autonomous vehicle program is one of the biggest known secrets in the tech industry. "It's probably one of the most hard AI projects actually to work on", Cook said last summer.

The intake is accompanied by 83 drivers who will be testing the vehicles.

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