Gas prices rise after White House announces withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal

Roseville Gas Prices Driving Higher

Rising oil prices, falling gasoline supplies squeezing drivers

It's primarily because of the price of oil, says Mike Right of AAA.

According to AAA, gas prices nationwide are up five cents in just a week.

"Well, I would say ten cents a gallon wouldn't be unreasonable to expect", he said, "but I don't know that anybody's got a good handle on what's going on". With the possibility of Iranian oil being removed from the world's supply, the price of oil shot up last week, and gasoline prices rose along with it. Including the change in gas prices in Sacramento during the past week, prices yesterday were 70.8 cents per gallon higher than the same day one year ago and are 12.1 cents per gallon higher than a month ago.

The entire country has seen gas prices rise in the last week to a national average of $2.87 a gallon after the price of crude oil hit $71 a barrel which is the highest price for crude since 2014.

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Tulsa- $2.53/g, up 6.1 cents per gallon from last week's $2.47/g. In the summer of 2014, the average price rose above $3 a gallon, just before OPEC increased production in an unsuccessful effort to drive US shale producers out of business.

Consumers with long memories may not think gasoline is that expensive.

They point out that USA oil production capacity is much larger now than a decade ago. After that, many places along Interstate 90 have gas for $2.99 per gallon. The typical family will spend about $200 more this summer driving season, according to the Oil Price Information Service.

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